SIM card information and network cell information

SIM card information and network cell information

(LTE-4G / 3G / 2G) Simple light, small size android application aimed at SIM card information and network cell information (LTE-4G / 3G / 2G) To provide It’s freely available in the Play Store. The application basically consists of three components SIM card details information, voicemail information and network cell information so this application provided all the details about your SIM card and current cell network so that You could also call it a SIM toolkit.

The SIM toolkit application provides you with the following SIM information and network cell information
– SIM country information
– Network operator information
– Network operator name
– SIM serial number
– Identification of SIM users
– Software version
Network type (LTE-4G / 3G / 2G)

The SIM toolkit provides you with information after voicemail

– Voicemail name
– Voicemail number

SIM card information and network cell information provides the following device information
– to prepare
– Brand
– Model
– Version
– Serial Number
۔ Creating an ID
Device type
– Fingerprint information
– Device display information
– Device product information

The SIM toolkit application also provides your current contact information such as contact name and contact number.

Ever wanted to call someone, but your phone doesn’t have GSM coverage?

Or are you living / working in a low signal area?

The ‘GSM Signal Monitor

‘ monitors the signal strength of the phone (or tablet with SIM card) and alerts you when it is out of service; or in the low signal zone.

No signal / low signal alerts are included: voice notifications, vibration, on-screen notification and ringtone playing. You can personalize how you are notified in the app settings.

When the signal is restored, the ‘GSM Signal Monitor’ can also notify you, your mobile data is lost when you are in the roaming area.

The app also provides information about device SIM cards such as phone number, voice mail number, SIM card serial number (ICCID), subscriber ID (IMSI), mobile operator information and network type. Is done. This SIM card information can be easily shared by tapping the share button or copying it to the device’s clipboard.

GSM Signal Monitor Logs سگ Signal-related events in each notification log. Keeps notification login information when GSM signal is lost, restored or reduced. This information also logs in when mobile data is lost or roaming is enabled. You can configure the order in which you are logged in. Logs can be exported in CSV, PDF and HTML formats.

You can monitor the strength of your signal as it changes dynamically from the app main screen or in the notification area.


notifications on signal loss / restoration
notifications when you are in low signal zone (available as app purchase)
data Log events when data connection is lost or device roaming
Export custom log in CS CSV, PDF and HTML formats. (Available as app purchase)
SIM SIM card details
G 4G (LTE) signal monitoring
Support for dual / multi SIM devices (requires Android 5.1 or later)
iet silent hours (the app can be configured to suppress its notification over a period of time)
Real-time information about the strength and quality of the GSM signal in decDable (DBM)
Launch the app when the device starts

App shortcuts.

configuration Large number of configuration options

! GSM Signal Monitor is not a signal booster app!

GSM Signal Monitor Web Page:

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